Chris Stories

Chris really loved to mess with people - the more he liked you the more he would mess with you. Pranks were one of his primary ways to tell people he was thinking about them. We'll list the good ones we know about, and we invite you to send us other stories.

Chris's sister Shana tells that when she moved to California, Chris drove with her all the way across the country. Every time they passed a state border, or anything of interest, they would stop and Chris would have her take a picture, like the one above. Life with Chris was non-stop high energy fun.

It should be said that Chris was not making fun of President Clinton in particular - in the photo, just being Chris. He joined the army during the Clinton administration, a time of peace and prosperity in America.


I met Chris during our high school years at wal-mart where we both worked. In a very short time we became good friends. That is when the jokes started. I would go out to my car and it would be wrapped in VCR tape. The next night I would get him back by parking really close to his driver’s side door and with his large frame he had to crawl in from the passengers side of his 80's Toyota starlet ( smaller than an yugo ) then the night after that, I found my car loaded to the top filled dirty stinky trash bags. This went on for about 2 weeks until one night I put a smoke bomb in his car so that when he started it up it popped and smoked on top of that I put a stink bomb inside the vehicle. Needless to say I think its one of the few times I one upped him because he called saying I had to buy him a new car due to the damage. Lol God I miss him!!!! The other time I got him good was when he was in boot camp and I mailed him a gay porn mag and some lube and gloves. My wife Margaret had to go buy this and then taped it open to a pic of a guy that looked like Eminem (a Rapper) Being in boot camp a few years prior I knew they made you open all care packages in front of the drill instructors. I got a nice letter from him about a week later. His drill instructors made him do push ups with his nose touching the magazine.

When he got his Honda elite scooter we would go down to the boulevard
and sit for hours making fun of all the tourist. A few times we would have a Zippo lighter and a stack of quarters. We would get these quarters red hot and throw it into a crowd of young kids and watch them play hot potato. I had a video camera and being that we worked at wal-mart we would take this camera into K-mart and ask the people why would they shop here, dropped stink bombs to watch them leave or harass the kids until one time this one kid told his mother that we were trying to give him money to answer a question about transformers. Well the mother gave us a good talking to and Chris played it off like it was a psychology experiment. Man, I could go on for hours about all the fun we had, but I get so depressed thinking about these stories and that he's gone.

One more before I go. It was Shane, Chris and I in Norfork, VA once again we got the video camera out. While Shane was busy we took the last slice of pizza and video tape us rubbing it around the rim of a toilet. Then yelled for Shane and told him he better come get the last slice. As he started to eat the pizza we hit play on the VCR. The look on Shane's face was priceless! Now it was Chris's turn. Shane and I took his tooth brush and followed the same process with the toilet and video camera. The next morning while he was brushing his teeth we told him there was a show on TV that he had to see. Then we hit play u should have seen his face.:) Now my turn they thought they were slick but I was already expecting something. When they left later that day I searched the house. I was like Jerry Seinfeld and Monk. I wouldn't touch or eat anything until I gave the house a good search. Low and behold I found the tape hidden next to the fridge and played it. They had pissed in my apple juice bottle and placed it back in the fridge for me. Man I'm lucky! Love u bro.